A to Z Directory

Here we hope you will find everything you may need information on, from reporting absences to sporting opportunities and lost property.

Parents/caregivers are required to notify the school if their child is absent or late and give the reason for the absence.  A member of the office team will check by phone (as close to 9am as is possible) any absences the school has not been notified about.

Whole school assemblies take place at the Community Centre every second Friday from 2.15 pm – 2.45 pm.  Any changes (eg wet weather) will be emailed to parents and put up on the school’s facebook page by midday.

We expect ALL members of our community to show respect in their interactions with each other. Our school’s values and school wide expectations of respect for self, others and the environment underpin behaviour across the school. A full copy of our code of conduct and behaviour expectations is available here.

Information can be found on our Board of Trustees page.

No discussion on any complaints involving pupils or staff should take place in the presence or hearing of students.

Student Complaints – If you have a complaint about a student or students, you should refer your complaint to your child’s classroom teacher. If the action or response does not satisfy your concern, please refer your complaint to the pals.

Teacher Complaints – In the event of a complaint about a teacher, you must first make an effort to discuss the problem with the teacher concerned before you approach the Deputy Principal or Principal.

Full Complaints Procedure

Please ensure that you update the school when you change your contact details. It is very important to have current information, especially if we need to contact you for an emergency.

Students are to make a reasonable contribution to pay for damage to school property that is the result of misuse, vandalism or inappropriate behaviour.  Recompense for lost library books may also be sought. The Principal will make decisions regarding these matters.

Class teachers are happy to respond to and send email communications to parents. They will endeavour to respond to emails within 24 hours of receiving them.

For forms and information on enrolment at St Brigid’s please click here.

At the beginning of the year, we ask parents to sign a permission form giving consent for us to take your child out of the school on planned, supervised, educational trips. You will be informed of the details of the trip in advance and are welcome to contact your child’s teacher if you have any concerns or queries. Any overnight or trips outside of the school day will have separate permission forms sent home before the event.  Full EOTC Procedure statement.

Our school has a fundraising group “Friends and Whanau”. As well as a number of small events held throughout the year, a school Fair is held annually. We value the work done by the Friends and Whanau group and invite all parents to be part of it.

We believe Home Learning should focus on developing the whole child though intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional and social dimensions. Limiting homework to just academic (intellectual) does not support hauora (well-being). We believe giving time to develop each of these dimensions as a family is critical for hauora. For this reason we encourage families to participate in a range of after-school activities both formal and informal.

St Brigid’s School is part of the local Kahui Ako, Kāhui Ako o Tarikākā, of eight primary schools, one intermediate and one college. The schools in the Kahui Ako work collaboratively to improve teacher practice and increase opportunities and outcomes for all students.

Our school has a well-stocked library that classes visit regularly. It is also open from 1 – 1.25pm each day for children to read or play board games. Classes make use of our local Johnsonville library, Waitohi, on a regular basis.
See the School Library page.

Lost property is placed in the red bin in the junior corridor (by the door).  At the end of each term lost property will be put on display.  Unclaimed clothing will be disposed of.

Each Friday Pita Pit and Sushi can be ordered online through Lunchonline. These will be delivered to the school before lunch time.

If your child needs to take medication during the day please contact the school office and inform them of this. All medication MUST be brought to the office for safe keeping. School staff are happy to give your child medication when needed. We ask that, if your child has asthma, you provide an up to date asthma plan.

A newsletter is emailed home every second Tuesday afternoon, with a Newsnote going out alternate weeks.  Notices for the newsletter or news note need to be in the newsletter box or emailed to by Monday afternoon.
Please see the newsletters page.

The school day begins and ends with class prayer.  Class prayer may be led by the class teacher or by a group of students.  A thank you prayer before lunch is also encouraged. It is important for all children to be at school in time to take part in class prayers as this helps set the tone for the day ahead.
Staff prayer or reflection is held every Friday morning from 8.15 until 8.30. Teaching staff are unavailable to meet with students at this time.

Each classroom has a paper recycling bin which children are taught to use when disposing of used paper. Our school strongly believes in teaching children to be environmentally aware and we would appreciate minimum packaging etc in lunch boxes. We hope parents are able to reinforce what we are teaching at school.

The formal reporting to parents procedures at St Brigid’s are currently under review. The desired outcome is to be less reliant on text dense, written reports, which may or may not be relevant to parents and instead move towards real time communication about progress and achievement through the platform of Seesaw, as well as rich face to face dialogues with students and their families.

Whole School

  • Meet, Greet and Eat (a low key evening with families gathering to have dinner at school and informally meet their children’s teachers)
  • Term 1 – Goal Setting meetings – a more formal meeting for teachers and families to talk about goals for the year and how children can be supported at home and at school
  • Beginning of Term 3 – Learning conversations to discuss goals and progress. A written summary will provide brief ‘talking points’ for the discussion
  • Written report for all children at the end of the year.

This site contains our school policies and procedures along with useful checklists and forms. Find the login page and credentials here.

Students will be given a list of stationery requirements for the following year at the end of the year.  This allows for stationery to be purchased during the holidays. The school does not hold any stationery so replacement or additional stationery items need to be purchased by parents at appropriate retail outlets.

We believe that it is important to provide leadership opportunities for our Year 6 to 8 students.
A  range of opportunities including Young Christian Leaders, road patrol, first aid monitors, library, sports and environmental leadership are offered for students.

Students may use the telephone if necessary.  However they need permission from a staff member.  Cell phones are permitted at school but they must not be used during school time, including intervals.  Any student found using a cell phone  at an inappropriate time or manner will have it confiscated and parents will be notified and asked to collect it from the class teacher.
The school discourages students bringing toys or other valuable items to school and therefore takes no responsibility for any loss or theft of such items.

Our school is a thoroughfare to the shops, library, swimming pool and transport hub, so people frequently walk through our grounds Families are welcome to use our playgrounds during the weekends and after hours. Our school is monitored by CCTV.

The school is open for students at 8.30 each morning. Students who arrive before this time will wait in the playground, unless the weather is particularly terrible. Parents are welcome to call into the classroom in the mornings, but must be mindful of the fact that teachers are preparing for the day and welcoming all children into the classroom.
School finishes at 3pm and there is an expectation that all children will be collected by 3.30. Once again children can wait in the school foyer if it is raining.

All children participate in a swimming programme at some stage in the year. Each team organises their swimming programme for a time that works for them. This will be shared in the school calendar and through team newsletters.

Students are required to wear the regulation school uniform.  Sports shoes are acceptable to be worn from playtime to the end of lunchtime. All students are to wear the school sunhat in Terms 1 and 4.
Students are expected to wear the school uniform in a neat and tidy manner.  Parents are required to send a note to the class teacher if a student is not wearing the correct uniform.