Catholic Character

St Brigid’s Catholic School is named after St Brigid of Ireland who worked with the poor,
established an order of sisters and worked tirelessly for the good of others.
Our children are taught the traditions, rituals and beliefs of the Catholic Faith and are encouraged to live these in their daily lives.

Religious Education Programme

We teach through the Faith Alive programme. This includes teaching about God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, The Church, The Sacraments and Saints.

The school day begins and ends with class prayer. Class prayer may be led by the class teacher or by a group of students. A thank you prayer before lunch is also encouraged.


Sacramental Programme

This is run each year through the Parish. For more details please contact the parish office on
478 7137 or send an email.

Liturgies and Masses

Children attend a whole school Mass once a term. This is usually during the day time and we invite parents to join us. The final Mass of the year is during the day, (usually the day before school finishes) to give thanks for our year at school and parents are invited to attend if possible. We also have a special celebration to farewell our Year 8 students.

A weekly liturgy, at the church, is attended in teams on a Tuesday morning.

Liturgical seasons including St Brigid’s Feast Day, Lent, Easter, Advent, and Christmas are celebrated appropriately.