Friends & Whānau

Each year, the Friends & Whānau Fundraising team organise a number of fundraisers throughout the year.
The goal is to raise over $25,000 to $30,000. The team is made up of parents with support from the principal, the office staff and teachers.

The money raised is used for the modernisation of our classrooms – such as the upgrading of Rooms 6 and 7. Works like these are considered to be capital projects; ones that enhance and improve our school property. Our school property is owned by the Archdiocese of Wellington. Our expenditure on the modernisation of school buildings qualifies for a special “top-up” from the Wellington Archdiocese. The project must relate to existing integrated school buildings, involve major maintenance or modernisation of existing integrated school buildings over $5,000 and are identified on the school’s 10 year plan. In 2020 we used the fundraising money for a new fitness run near the courts. This was topped up by a grant outside of the Wellington Archdiocese.

Fundraisers usually include: 

1.     Small fundraisers​ – Pizza lunches, Roti sales etc.  Raising $1,000 to $2,000.
2.    A Term 2 fundraiser -​ Sometimes an Athon (Spell-athon, Fact-athon) or a Pub Quiz at the 1841. Raising around $4,000 to $10,000.
3.    The School Fair​ – It raises the bulk of the funds, usually over $20,000.  We hold mufti days during the term to support some of our stalls, support the cake stall with a baked cake and each classroom sponsors a stall. We require a number of volunteers to help on the day or to run stalls.

We require a significant amount of parent help to run these events. ​
Can you help with our fundraising by joining the team or with individual events​?
Please complete our ​online form​ (using the link sent to you in an email from the office),
to let us know whether or not you are interested in helping with fundraising events.