Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship education is a community effort.

The impact will be more powerful when students have multiple trusted adults they can discuss issues with, and when they are hearing the same messages reinforced at home and school.

St Brigid’s School believes in a digital citizenship model for supporting safe and responsible use of the internet in a teaching and learning context.  An important part of this is that we are able to show others what responsible use looks like while we are using technology in our learning.

A vital part of fostering this culture is the support that is provided to students in the learning of the ‘guides’ around them. One of the most important parts of this guidance is the modelling of good digital citizenship skills that young people observe in their day to day interactions.

At St Brigid’s School we have partnered with Family Zone, a leading provider in cyber safety technology. Family Zone helps us ensure our students are safe and on task during school time and offers parents a range of options for monitoring and supporting your child’s online journey.

>> School Family Zone Parent support link.


Digital citizenship is a powerful enabler of inclusion in social, cultural and civil society.